Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Issue of Homosexuality

To begin with... Homosexuality is difficult to understand.  It eludes easy comprehension because what "causes" Homosexuality is not discernible by thinking alone.  And the level of psychology required to pursue the "cause" of Homosexuality is rarely pursued today. That is, to even begin to comprehend the subject of Homosexuality one must be open to the difference between ones brain and ones MIND.

The term Psychology has two parts: Psyche [in Greek, refers to "Self, Soul and Mind"]. And logy, which means "study of". That is, some ancient Greeks [using Intuition, or access to the Spirituality within themselves (Gnostics)], were capable of realizing that Man is composed of both physical and non-physical phenomena - or what I refer to as "Intramanus" [research Here].  

That is...,  who do you know that considers  these Spiritually Enlightened ancient Greeks awakened to the tenets of Psychology from "within" themselves ... and did not depend upon their brains, thinking, or intellect to do so?  Virtually no one, or at least no one is willing to state they believe this.  Well, except me, perhaps?

To pursue the subject of Homosexuality using ones brain is an exercise is futility.  The reason is simple enough to state, but it may not be that simple to comprehend?  That is, what causes Homosexuality is "psychological," and psychological refers to phenomena taking place at levels the brain cannot perceive.  Levels ONLY open to ones "Intuition".  And Intuition is a natural faculty of Man, but in the West, and in America,  Intuition is rarely discussed. And the reason for this is that Intuition is Esoteric.

And Esoteric refers to the non-physical dimensions of Man, and of Life. And.... so forth and so on.  Point being, science and modern mental health avoid the Esoteric dimensions of Man like a plague. And this is the case for most people who are confined to the brain and thinking as their primary means of relating to life.

I am currently writing a book:  HOMOSEXUALITY...Revised Exposition, and in this book I will present my views in such a way that I trust they are compelling.  In any case they will be based on my best understanding of the Esoteric operations of Man as these relate to the subject of Homosexuality.  This book will be available via my books website:  Here.

Brother James

Friday, August 31, 2012


Brother James


Let us not dwell upon how easily fooled many Americans were when they completely misconstrued what Obama meant by "change".   The only people who were not fooled by Obama, are those who are more enlightened Souls, and those  people old enough to remember the hell the Russian people went through when Russia was taken over by Communism in 1917, and then suffered for over 40 years under the totalitarian rule of various despots ending with Stalin, who was quite similar to Hitler and Mao in the numbers of people slaughtered.

I don't care about those who used Obama, or collaborated with Obama to enslave America,  I am only grateful that he has failed to accomplish his goal.  At least I am hopeful he has failed.

I watched the Republican Convention, and I was quite impressed with the quality of the speakers, and especially the sincerity that seemed to be projected by them.   They seemed to be real patriots and successful in what they have chosen to do in life.  All seemed to possess a great love of America.  And I was pleased to watch this because so much of the media would have us believe that America is almost dead.  But this negative view reflects the negativity of the Iron Age of Man.  A period of time covering about 6,500 years, and this Iron Age is the most evil age Man must experience.  This age of evil ends on 12/21/2012.

I am writing this blog to make the point that on December 21, 2012,  a most important event is going to take place.  And this event is more important than who wins the 2012 election, although the election is quite important.  And who America chooses will indicate how easy the transition from evil to good is for America.

 I hope Romney wins, because that will indicate that more than half of America has chosen good over evil.  Obama and Romney are symbols of evil and good.  And America is being given a choice between good and evil in this election.   Evil, as represented by Obama, and supported by many dedicated to evil, like Holder and others in and out of government.  Like those resisting voter identification; Voting for dead people;  Criminals voting;  And those who vote multiple times.  And too, those who intimidate voters and dissuade them from voting by accosting them with clubs and threats [the Black Panthers who have been given immunity from prosecution by Holder].  All such people are serving the cause of evil on Earth in the end days of the Iron Age of Man.

The next Age of Man will be the Golden Age of Man, and with the Golden Age of Man a "new" Resonance of Time" will cover the Earth.   On a physical level, this would coincide, no doubt, with the shifting of the magnetic poles of the Earth, which science tells us is going to take place during the 3-days of darkness associated with all the planets aligning themselves with the center of the Milky Way and the Sun.   This is supposed to take place during the time 12/21/2012 to 12/23/2012. 

Is this most unusual occurrence going to take place?  Well, we have 111 days from today, August 31, 2012, to wait and see if what the Mayans predict will take place, or not?  Many scientists assure us this is going to take place.  For me, I'm pretty much convinced that we will see a most dramatic change of the Earth.  And if the many predictions of history are even slightly correct, all hell is going to let loose as the date of 12/21/2012 approaches.

Take for example, what is going on with Israel and its neighbors.  With the whole of the middle East, for that matter.  And we are of course talking about atomic weapons.... mentioned in many predictions.  Much havoc can take place with the world and there will still be survivors.... and why is it so strange that these survivors will be the more enlightened among Mankind?

If we are indeed moving into the next Golden Age of Man, then the "New Resonance of Time" is [obvious to me] the resonance of Spirituality.  And those Souls that are not evolved sufficiently to bask in the light of Spirituality will of necessity be vacated from the Earth.  This means that the Souls remaining will be seekers of Spirituality, and Souls readily capable of embracing the tenets of Spirituality.  And, yes, I know how beyond belief this may seem to many.  But for me, it is a dream coming true.

Peace to all, and to my brothers and sisters in Spirituality, please let go of your attachments to the various tenets of your religion, and try to remain open to the awakening of the Spirituality within your own hearts.  There is but one God, after all.  And try to imagine yourself being deemed "ready" for a life on Earth filled with the presence of God.   Please vote for Romney, and in doing so... you vote for yourself,  and Mankind as well.

Brother James

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Let me begin by apologizing for presenting material, terms and concepts that many will not immediately recognize, or  if they do, then some will  find these offensive.  And if not offensive, then contrary to what they "believe".

I am a semi-retired psychotherapist who has specialized in helping people eliminate deeply repressed conflicts from within their MIND realms.  If you read about your MIND, then you now know it is not your physical brain. In addition to this new data, it is equally important for you to realize that the MIND of Man can cause the brain to "think" whatever the MIND wants one to think. This fact is virtually unknown in modern mental health, or "BS&bp".

For those who prefer to do their own research, and thus, draw their own conclusions regarding what I am saying in this blog, the resource list is Here.  In addition, the reader might add some 40 years spent in daily meditation in pursuit of a Spiritual path followed by many individuals, most of whom have discovered what I am presenting in this blog. An excellent book in support of what I am saying in this blog is in the Bibliography list: Johnson, Julian, The Path of the Masters.

The only "curb" on this faculty of the MIND is ones "Conscience", or level of Consciousness [research here].  The more Conscience one has, the easier it is for one to resist and even override the desires of ones MIND.  And how does one acquire this "CONS"?

CONS, or Consciousness or Conscience, is the natural result of a Soul completing Karma over  many, many lifetimes.  And, for Christians, you will have to rise above your mistaken belief that we only have one life to live.  The notion that Man only has one life to live is a misinterpretation of the Bible.

Man does only have one lifetime as a particular person, this is quite true.  At the time of birth, one gets a new physical brain, a new personality, and a new psychology, all designed to support and enable one to precisely experience the Fate Karma one designed for this particular life.

But into this new lifetime comes ones Soul with MIND attached. And ones MIND has been attached to ones Soul for as long as ones Soul has been in the Creation... which is since the beginning of Creation.  And yes, this is an awful lot for people unfamiliar with these concepts to digest.

If you are familiar with Eastern mysticism at all, then this is not that difficult to accept... perhaps?  In any case, please give me the benefit of the doubt in this, so that I can continue to the point of this blog.

The point being... when a woman becomes pregnant, regardless how that may happen... that women is "chosen" as the mother of a particular Soul  because she "owes" that Soul a birth.  That is, the Soul of the woman owes the Soul she will give birth to a birth. Any number of past relationships could obligate the woman to this birth.

Regardless of the reason, her debt is to provide that Soul a birth, and of course to raise that Soul until it is free to go its own way. But on Earth, we form intense attachments to our children, and we form family units of children and parents.  We love our children - at least normal people love their children.

During the Golden Age of Man, according to the Mayans [and the Golden Age is returning December 21, 2012],  all Souls entering the physical Earth plane are enlightened Souls.  The reason is that during the Golden Age, the vibrational "resonance" of the Earth is Spirituality [no negativity, and Souls present on Earth are well beyond a need for the MIND].  Their level of CONS having risen above the MIND, in other words.  

At the moment, one reason [I suspect] for the increased levels of abortion we are seeing, are many Souls experiencing several weeks or months in the womb, and then being aborted.  Two reasons for this.  One is that this is all these Souls have earned of experiencing being a human being the time from conception to the point of abortion [in which case the woman only has to deal with her own guilt]... since the experience of the Soul being aborted was fulfilled.  Two, the woman places her own needs over the obligation  she "owes" the Soul seeking birth, and the  woman terminates the pregnancy.  In this case the woman still owes that Soul a birth, and she will have to spend some time in a Hell especially designed to end any further desire by that woman's MIND to engage in an abortion.

If this second option applies, then the woman who has chosen an abortion, when next incarnated, will have to be incarnated as a female to give birth to the Soul she still owes a birth.  Most people in the West are not familiar with the "Absolute" nature of the Law of Karma. Nor are most people in the West familiar with the concept of Reincarnation.

Now, you can accept what I have written, or not... it matters not to me.  I write it because it is what I "Know", and I share this in an attempt to help clarify the issue of abortion somewhat. Each reader must do what seems correct to him or her.

My additional point is to try and lessen the conflict so many people are caught up in  regarding the topic of abortion.  To take a life by abortion is to kill the person that Soul would have become.  This is simply a fact.  Anyone with a level of CONS that is not as yet evolved sufficiently to awaken to what I am sharing [the typical Liberal, for instance], will possess a MIND that is quite capable of   rationalizing abortion.  But be not surprised when, at the time of your death,  you find yourself with a "judge", and together you and this judge are going over your just completed life, and you will be held accountable for the death of every Soul you aborted.

Because no one, and I mean Absolutely no one.... fools the Law of Karma, since the accounts of your Karma are kept by your own MIND.  And, again, any one can object to, mock, or just deny what I have shared.  But I must equally emphasize, what I have shared is factual [perhaps not well known, but nonetheless, it's factual], and no one eludes the Law of Karma.

So, although it may be "natural" for one to get tightly wound up about Abortion, it is also pointless... and perhaps the entire matter of abortion will automatically cease to be a problem after December 21, 2012.  In fact, I would not be surprised to find that the Earth has vacated a great many people just prior to, or during the 72 hours the Mayans say a total eclipse will occur.

In any case, we will have to wait and see about what's coming? But what I have shared here is true, so allow yourselves a little space with your impatience and dislike of those who are less CONS. Life is in "charge" of Creation, and no one gets a pass.

Brother James

Sunday, August 19, 2012


The reason I say racism is ignorance [lack of understanding] is that until a person awakens to the fact that we human beings are part of Life, and Life has two primary realities which impact all of us, a person is ignorant regarding racism.

That is... both the Law of Karma and Reincarnation are both real, and both are foundation stones of Life.  This means they operate like death.  You can believe in these things or not... it matters not a wit to Life.  We usually have no memory of our past lifetime, or if one has a bit of memory, it is lost as soon as one learns to not use ones intuition.  Somewhere around the second grade.

The fact is, once a Soul achieves the level of human being, that Soul has made substantial progress up the Ladder of Life.  And once a Soul achieves this level of maturation, a Soul usually does not reincarnate into a lower species.. usually, that is.

But if one acts like an ass, well, one may need to incarnate as an ass to  get it out of ones system, so to speak.   

We don't remember because when born, one receives a new brain, a new personality, and a new psychology that "fits" the needs of the Fate Karma one designed for this life.  And yes, you chose the life you are living at the end of your last life.  Every Soul, except for those who commit suicide, or murder, or those who are intensely attached to some person or event...  routinely find themselves before a judge, and together, the judge and ones Soul go over how well one did working through the Karma one chose to address in ones just completed life.

In the case of the suicide, he/she is obligated to remain in a sub-Astral plane until the allotted time for ones scheduled death arrives, at which time one then goes before the "judge" to answer for interfering in the lives of so many people with whom one had Karma to work through.  All this Karma is added to a full compliment of a normal Soul, and one then heads to a special Hell for suicides... the goal of which is to insure that you never think of suicide again.  When ones re-education is complete, one then incarnates with a double load of Karma to work through.

It would be unusual if ones Soul had not incarnated into many races, in many nations, for many different reasons.  But all of these reasons would be the growth of ones Soul.  This is the Purpose of Life, by the way.

Brother James

Friday, August 17, 2012


The problem, as I see it of course, is that inherent on this physical plane, the physical brain is our natural means of dealing with what our physical senses perceive.  What I just wrote is or should be apparent to  everyone.

The "problem" is...what our physical senses can perceive and "think" about is at best 1/4th of what is taking place.  What ones physical senses cannot perceive are the three dimensions of Reality that ones physical senses cannot perceive.... and yet, this 3/4ths of ones "whole" is what determines ones life.  This "invisible" 3/4ths of Life consists of your MIND [composed of two invisible dimensions], and your Spiritual dimension [composed of your Soul, and its operational Energy, which I refer to as the "Apapsyche" . Another term for Apapsyche might be "Spirit", or "Word", or "Shabd".

Each human being is composed of four dimensions.  And yet, almost everything one "knows" is confined to the physical dimension alone.  Ones race, ethnic orientation,  thinking and physical actions are all confined to ones physical dimension.  Ones fears, prejudices, misperceptions, hatreds, and habit patterns are all part of ones MIND realm.  And ones MIND, don't forget... is invisible.

So, if you use your intellect [which we presume is the result of education and training], as your guide to making a choice....your choice [like it or not] is based on 1/4th of what needs to be addressed.  And, quite unknown to you, much of your decision making will be directed by your MIND [which is "invisible" to you].  I say this because your physical senses  [including your brain, its thinking, and what you can perceive], are all focused on one-fourth of the PROBLEM.

Every person, regardless of race, ethnicity, nation or city of origin, and ones intelligence, are all temporary factors of ones present life.  To rise even a little bit in ones ability to peek into the "unknown" of life is the result of having lived many, many lifetimes.... and having completed a great deal of Karma.  Again, over the course of many, many different lifetimes.  The Purpose of Life, in other words, is to grow and mature as a Soul.... and all of this growth takes place slowly, and virtually in spite of oneself.

At the close of each lifetime one lives,  ones Soul goes before a "judge", and together, ones Soul and this judge go over how well one did working through the Karma one chose to work through for the lifetime just concluded.   Now, what I am saying will be in conflict with what many readers have been taught.  You can believe me, or not... and this is part of your larger choice to make.

At one time or another, ones Soul will explore and experience every race, ethnic possibility, level of intelligence, condition of poverty and wealth, and as many vocations as one might want to explore.  There is no limit upon what ones Soul might want to explore.... except that what ones Soul chooses to experience must comply with the Law of Karma, which applies to all life in Creation.

Is what I am saying here "too much for you to accept"?  If  so, you have made your choice and you will be obligated to play that out.  And this is neither good, nor bad.  It just is.

For those individuals who can "accept" the unusual concepts I have presented, you are able to accept these because your Soul is enlightened enough to "see" behind the concepts I have presented in words, to the subtle truths existing behind my words.  In this case, you will be able to make a choice that will benefit yourself, and those whose love of you causes them to believe you.
I believe that on December 21, 2012, a major change will take place on and with the Earth.  This is prophesied by scriptures and by the Mayan Calendar, and  via Don Jose, an elder speaking for the Mayans.  Scientists have generally agreed that there will be an alignment of the planets with the center of the Milky Way and the Sun.  It is suggested that an eclipse will occur, and it will last for 72 hours.  72 hours of darkness, in other words.

The Mayan elder, on a televised Nature program, said that a new "resonance of time" will occur, and that those capable of resonating with this new resonance of time will survive.  Those who cannot, will die.  Well, this is a rather stark comment for most people.  But, if one remembers that the Mayan elder is aware of the permanence of the Soul, and that lifetimes simply come and go, then one is better able to comprehend the seemingly detached statement of the elder.

I believe this new "resonance of time" speaks to the ending of the Iron Age of Man, and the beginning of a new Golden Age of Man.  The Golden Age of Man is distinguished by the fact the Earth will itself resonate with the vibration of Spirituality.  In other words, the people remaining on Earth will be those who are evolved sufficiently to embrace the new resonance of time, or Spirituality.

Each human being is entitled to judge what I am writing for oneself.  Believe it or not.  All of us will have to wait to see what actually takes place?  I am merely suggesting that a wise choice, if one is capable of making it.... is to embrace the  concept of Spirituality... in whatever way seems appropriate to oneself.  And I believe that can be interpreted to mean, draw ones loved ones close [more emotionally than physically], prepare for a period of time in which some disruption of utilities will take place, and stock up on a modest amount of  emergency supplies.... just in case.

Spirituality exists entirely within oneself.  Within the Spiritual dimension within oneself, in other words.  As the new "resonance of time", or Spirituality dominates the physical plane, negativity will be eliminated.  And those Souls requiring the dominance of the MIND will simple be vacated from the Earth to the Astral region of Creation.  The Golden Age, I believe, will last about 6,500 years. And this means that the Earth will once again be a place where the worship of God goes hand in hand with the full expression of Man's genius of Creativity.  To some this might seem frightening. To others, their Souls have been waiting for this for many thousands of years.

Was the Mayan elder correct?  I believe he was, but then, who am I?

Brother James

Thursday, August 9, 2012

WHAT IS [Alinsky] Obama ?

If you are not familiar with the term "Alinsky", then do a Google search for what is popularly known. For what is not well known, allow me a brief introduction:   Alinsky was the quintessential Soul with a huge ego driven by desires of the MIND [which are Greed, Envy and Avarice], unmoderated by CDKA&EU [ Conscience, Discretion, Knowledge and Empathetic Understanding], or "C'etc".  C'etc  refers to the Virtues of Life [added together they equal "Wisdom"]. Another phrase for C'etc would be "common sense".

You see, every human being has a Soul, which is the animating Energy within all living things. And in those human beings who are "new" to the form of human being  is a Soul that has not as yet accumulated much "C'etc".  A Soul that has not had a sufficient number of lifetimes to gather much by way of CDKA&EU, in other words.  I refer to such new Souls as "Intelack" [research here].

Alinsky, who was gifted with Intellectualism [in compensation for a lack of C'etc] was typical of Souls lacking C'etc.  Such Souls are naturally vulnerable to their MINDs, and the natural desires of the MIND, which are Greed, Envy and Avarice.  This causes such people to "think' that life is unfair, unjust and that  Man must intervene in the natural flow of Life.  Such people naturally believe that life is unfair, and that the wealthy must have their wealth taken and re-distributed to the poor.

This idea is quite common among young people lacking proper education, and common among adults who are Intelack individuals [or possess Souls that are new to the form of human being].  And this brings us to the person named Obama, who was insinuated into the Presidency of the United States of America, in 2008.

The fearful rants of the person named Alinsky were based on his delusional beliefs fed to his  brain by his MIND in compensation for his lack of C'etc.  In this, he was typical of many with MINDs that are not restrained by Spiritual Evolution, or a sufficient number of lifetimes in which to acquire enough CDKA&EU to properly nullify and override the negative desires of the MIND.

Like most Intelack individuals, Alinsky was gifted with Intellectualism [operating to correct the delusional  notion that life is unfair, unjust, and that the wealthy must have their wealth taken and re-distributed to the poor].  This mistaken notion is typical of the Intelack individual, and this notion has been a dominating part of such Souls  since the beginning of time.  Such people believe what they believe due to ignorance and the fact they have not as yet accumulated a sufficient amount of C'etc to help them "see" the foolishness of their beliefs.  But with an abundance of Intellectualism, they are often quite capable of drawing equally confused Souls to their delusional beliefs.

Over the last 3 plus years, this is precisely what Obama has done in America.  Obama has been aided by the fact he has operated in the end time of the Iron Age of Man, in which all Souls are pounded with the mistaken notion that life is unfair.  People in America have a pressing choice to make. They can vote to go over the cliff of negativism with Obama, or they can wake up and vote for someone who is not driven by delusional thinking and the MIND.

But the time is short.  Because on December 21, 2012, America will either begin its way back to greatness based on a love of God and Truth, or it will descend into a period of darkness and negativity that will take a long time to correct.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Regarding Racism...


I just came upon an earlier blog I wrote some years ago regarding racism, and I'm not sure it is available generally, so I thought I'd take a few minutes and do a repeat.
The "joke" of racism is the fact of "reincarnation".  That is, anyone who rails against some race today, will aim him/herself to that race in the next incarnation.  And this is not a "sort of thing" it is an absolute.  So, to hate someone based solely on the person's race demonstrates that one is quite ignorant of the Law of Karma and that of Reincarnation.  This is not uncommon, this ignorance that is, but it is the wise person who will recognize this ignorance and seek to do something about it.
 And the "joke" of ones racism will be on oneself in ones next life.  But, the reader need not take my word for this.... alas, all memory of having read this will be absent in ones next incarnation.  But perhaps a vague kind of memory will come to oneself as one looks in the mirror?