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The problem, as I see it of course, is that inherent on this physical plane, the physical brain is our natural means of dealing with what our physical senses perceive.  What I just wrote is or should be apparent to  everyone.

The "problem" is...what our physical senses can perceive and "think" about is at best 1/4th of what is taking place.  What ones physical senses cannot perceive are the three dimensions of Reality that ones physical senses cannot perceive.... and yet, this 3/4ths of ones "whole" is what determines ones life.  This "invisible" 3/4ths of Life consists of your MIND [composed of two invisible dimensions], and your Spiritual dimension [composed of your Soul, and its operational Energy, which I refer to as the "Apapsyche" . Another term for Apapsyche might be "Spirit", or "Word", or "Shabd".

Each human being is composed of four dimensions.  And yet, almost everything one "knows" is confined to the physical dimension alone.  Ones race, ethnic orientation,  thinking and physical actions are all confined to ones physical dimension.  Ones fears, prejudices, misperceptions, hatreds, and habit patterns are all part of ones MIND realm.  And ones MIND, don't forget... is invisible.

So, if you use your intellect [which we presume is the result of education and training], as your guide to making a choice....your choice [like it or not] is based on 1/4th of what needs to be addressed.  And, quite unknown to you, much of your decision making will be directed by your MIND [which is "invisible" to you].  I say this because your physical senses  [including your brain, its thinking, and what you can perceive], are all focused on one-fourth of the PROBLEM.

Every person, regardless of race, ethnicity, nation or city of origin, and ones intelligence, are all temporary factors of ones present life.  To rise even a little bit in ones ability to peek into the "unknown" of life is the result of having lived many, many lifetimes.... and having completed a great deal of Karma.  Again, over the course of many, many different lifetimes.  The Purpose of Life, in other words, is to grow and mature as a Soul.... and all of this growth takes place slowly, and virtually in spite of oneself.

At the close of each lifetime one lives,  ones Soul goes before a "judge", and together, ones Soul and this judge go over how well one did working through the Karma one chose to work through for the lifetime just concluded.   Now, what I am saying will be in conflict with what many readers have been taught.  You can believe me, or not... and this is part of your larger choice to make.

At one time or another, ones Soul will explore and experience every race, ethnic possibility, level of intelligence, condition of poverty and wealth, and as many vocations as one might want to explore.  There is no limit upon what ones Soul might want to explore.... except that what ones Soul chooses to experience must comply with the Law of Karma, which applies to all life in Creation.

Is what I am saying here "too much for you to accept"?  If  so, you have made your choice and you will be obligated to play that out.  And this is neither good, nor bad.  It just is.

For those individuals who can "accept" the unusual concepts I have presented, you are able to accept these because your Soul is enlightened enough to "see" behind the concepts I have presented in words, to the subtle truths existing behind my words.  In this case, you will be able to make a choice that will benefit yourself, and those whose love of you causes them to believe you.
I believe that on December 21, 2012, a major change will take place on and with the Earth.  This is prophesied by scriptures and by the Mayan Calendar, and  via Don Jose, an elder speaking for the Mayans.  Scientists have generally agreed that there will be an alignment of the planets with the center of the Milky Way and the Sun.  It is suggested that an eclipse will occur, and it will last for 72 hours.  72 hours of darkness, in other words.

The Mayan elder, on a televised Nature program, said that a new "resonance of time" will occur, and that those capable of resonating with this new resonance of time will survive.  Those who cannot, will die.  Well, this is a rather stark comment for most people.  But, if one remembers that the Mayan elder is aware of the permanence of the Soul, and that lifetimes simply come and go, then one is better able to comprehend the seemingly detached statement of the elder.

I believe this new "resonance of time" speaks to the ending of the Iron Age of Man, and the beginning of a new Golden Age of Man.  The Golden Age of Man is distinguished by the fact the Earth will itself resonate with the vibration of Spirituality.  In other words, the people remaining on Earth will be those who are evolved sufficiently to embrace the new resonance of time, or Spirituality.

Each human being is entitled to judge what I am writing for oneself.  Believe it or not.  All of us will have to wait to see what actually takes place?  I am merely suggesting that a wise choice, if one is capable of making it.... is to embrace the  concept of Spirituality... in whatever way seems appropriate to oneself.  And I believe that can be interpreted to mean, draw ones loved ones close [more emotionally than physically], prepare for a period of time in which some disruption of utilities will take place, and stock up on a modest amount of  emergency supplies.... just in case.

Spirituality exists entirely within oneself.  Within the Spiritual dimension within oneself, in other words.  As the new "resonance of time", or Spirituality dominates the physical plane, negativity will be eliminated.  And those Souls requiring the dominance of the MIND will simple be vacated from the Earth to the Astral region of Creation.  The Golden Age, I believe, will last about 6,500 years. And this means that the Earth will once again be a place where the worship of God goes hand in hand with the full expression of Man's genius of Creativity.  To some this might seem frightening. To others, their Souls have been waiting for this for many thousands of years.

Was the Mayan elder correct?  I believe he was, but then, who am I?

Brother James

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